UK Pet Transport

UK Pet Transport

From Doncaster to Dover, Belfast to Bristol – we’ve got UK Petr Transport covered.  Whether you’re moving home, taking a holiday, bringing a new pet home or transporting your pet for any other reason at all – we can help. 

“I understand that a pet owner’s number one concern is the safety and security of their pet. With my pet taxi, pet owners can travel alongside their pets so they do not need to worry about being separated on the journey to their destination.  I am a genuine animal lover and do this job because I truly love helping animals and their owners, so rest assured you and your pets are in good hands!” UK pet transport

Your pet's welfare is always our primary concern  

While they're in our care, please be assured that we will treat them as we would our own animals.

I've provided below details of how our UK transport service works as well as answers to many of the most frequently asked questions but if there is anything at all that you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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We can collect you and/or your pet from any point in the UK. Whether that's your home, a train station, ferry port, airport or any other point, we can accomodate your needs. uk pet transport


We have a variety of vehicles available depending on your needs and whether you are travelling with your pet/s.  In all instances we strive to ensure that your pet is comfortable at all times.  The vehicles are all fully airconditioned, extreamly well maintained and meet DEFRA standards.  If your pet is travelling on their own they will be transported in one of our purpose built crates.  All animals have access to water and comfortable bedding throughout the journey.

Delivering your pet to their destination

In advance of the journey we will have agreed a location for delivery of you/your pet.  If your pet is travelling on their own, I will contact you 30 minutes before my arrival at the destination.


Q. My dog is a very nervous traveller.  Do you work with anxious dogs?

A. Yes, certainly.  We have lots of experience of working with animals that are anxious.  We often find that dogs who are nervous when they are with their owner are generally a lot calmer when they are with someone else if that person is experienced with handling animals.

Q. Where do you collect the pet from? 

A. We will agree a collection point during the booking process.  We can collect you and/or your pet from any location across the UK.

Q. How many animals do you transport on each journey?

A.  It varies.  We can transport up to 5 animals in our bigger vehicles if the animals are travelling without their owners.  If you wish to travel with your animals we can help with this too.  Numbers depend on the amount of animals/humans and luggage.

Q. What if the journey takes several days?

A. If your pet is travelling on their own, at no point will they be unsupervised.  Where an overnight stay is required, our driver will be booked into an animal friendly hotel.  If you are travelling with your pet, we can organise a hotel for you but it will be at an additional cost.