Meet the UK’s Canine Crew – adorable dogs on hand to help nervous flyers

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The Canine Crew is on hand to soothe nervous flyers with plenty of cuddles, petting and a photo opp or two.

Nervous flyers can not get a helping hand – or rather a helping paw – when they arrive at Southampton Airport for their holiday.

That’s because the airport has hired a Canine Crew; a group of adorable dogs who just want to hang out with passengers and get plenty of cuddles, petting and photos.

They’re more than qualified for the job, usually working as therapy dogs from the charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

The dogs are fully temperament tested and highly experienced in their trade, not to mention they can work with both nervous flyers and passengers with hidden disabilities.

The fluffy gang headed to both the arrivals and departures terminals, joined by their volunteer handlers, where they spent time with nervous flyers and put smiles on passengers’ faces.

They won’t be there every day, but instead will patrol the terminals once a week, kicking off on a semi-permanent basis.

All of the dogs in the programme are therapy dogs.

The concept itself isn’t new. Last year, a similar project was trialed at Aberdeen airport, in a joint venture with Therapet.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has its Wag Brigade, and it’s not just dogs – there’s LiLou the therapy pig too!

The projects launched after dogs have proven to help improve mental health and wellbeing, alleviate stress and calm nerves. Ideal for a passenger who’s a little nervous before heading on to a flight.

(If you are a nervous flyer, you may want to check out our top tips on how to make the journey that little bit easier for yourself).

Simon Young, Head of Passenger Operations, said: “Having therapy dogs in our airport will not only benefit our passengers but also our staff.

“Four legged companions are well known for boosting general happiness, wellbeing as well as mood and we are very excited to welcome them to the Southampton Airport family.

“Our sister airport in Aberdeen was the first in the country to trial airport therapy dogs and we are happy to be carrying on that legacy.”

The launch of the Canine Crew this month also coincided with a charity collection for Blue Cross. As part of its efforts to support the charity, Southampton Airport will also feature a ‘Southampton Blue Cross Rescue Dog of the Week’ on its social media pages to help try and get them re-homed!

You can find out more on the Southampton Airport website.

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