7 Reasons to Consider Puppy Socialisation

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Full article with thanks to: pawcastle.com/why-dog-socialization-is-important Good dog owners know that a healthy diet, exercise and lots of love are crucial to the wellness of their pets. However, there’s one important thing to remember when caring for your pup, make sure you’re socialising them properly. You may think this isn’t a big deal, but poorly socialized dogs are risks to … Read More

Renters Allowed to Have ‘Well Behaved Pets’



Full article with thanks to: www.gov.uk/government/news/new-standard-tenancy-agreement-to-help-renters-with-well-behaved-pets Responsible tenants in England with well-behaved pets will be able to secure leases more easily through a new standard tenancy agreement. Responsible tenants with well-behaved pets will be able to secure leases more easily through the new Model Tenancy Agreement announced by the government today (28 January 2021). Under the new Model Tenancy Agreement, announced … Read More

Best Destinations in Europe to Take Your Puppy on Holiday

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With full credit to: www.traveldailymedia.com/puppy-love-paris-best-holiday-destination-with-your-pooch After dog ownership jumped by nearly a fifth (18%) over the last year and the news that Brits who have had both vaccines may be able to travel to amber list countries later in the summer, many pet owners will be starting to think about potential holiday destinations for their dogs. Two million dogs travel … Read More