Travel the world and stay in free accommodation – if you don’t mind animals

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You could live rent free if you don’t mind sharing with a peacock or alpaca

You could travel the world and stay in free accommodation – so long as you don’t mind sharing with a few exotic animals.

House and pet sitting platform TrustedHousesitters has unveiled a top 10 list of the unique pets you can look after whilst travelling the world this year.

The ultimate list includes snakes, exotic birds, lizards, goats and, even miniature turtles. From alpacas in the quaint English countryside to baby parrots in sun-kissed Spain, the global platform has homes listed across the world and is a sure-fire way to satisfy the strongest cases of wanderlust and pet-envy.

The Top 10 Most Unique Pets include:

Kunekune Pigs
Bearded Dragons
Exotic Birds
Rainbow Parrots

Angela Laws, Community Manager at TrustedHousesitters said: “Animals are the very heart of the TrustedHousesitters global community, keeping them happy at home is what we do. Pet loving travellers can enjoy wonderful travel experiences, in amazing locations around the world, so whether you are a dog, cat, chicken, horse, or even alpaca lover there are new best friends just waiting to share their special kind of animal magic.”

Membership of TrustedHousesitters costs £89 per annum and comes with 24-hour membership services support. Every month the site helps thousands of pet owners choose like-minded, experienced and trustworthy sitters who will pet sit for free while they are away.

1. Alpacas – Consett, England, UK
These fuzzy fellows are fun, friendly and live in the hilly countryside of Consett, just on the border of Durham. The quaint rural surroundings are made even more enjoyable by the company of 11 alpacas, three dogs, 12 chickens and three Pygmy goats. If old McDonald had the perfect holidaying farm, this would be it.

2. Kunekune Pigs – Lamarsh, UK

If a 17 Century thatched cottage wasn’t enough to get you excited about this house sit, then these adorable Kunekune pigs certainly will. For anyone who’s ever wanted to experience life on a farm, this house sit boasts eight alpacas, three Kunekune pigs, a French bulldog and a pug, all in the magnificent 3-bedroom property that will take you back in time with its periodic details and allure.

3. Bearded Dragon – Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Meet Scratch, small but sociable and the perfect low-maintenance companion. Scratch lives in the beautiful outback of Virginia surrounded by nature but not too far from the bustle of Washington D.C, and shares his home with two curious cats, Max and Cinderella. With a forest in the backyard and a train ride from D.C., this homely three-story property is the perfect escape.

4. Turtle – New York City, NY, USA

Dubbed Dagney by her owner, this turtle resides in a newly refurbished property in the heart of Long Island City, Queens. Located in a picturesque neighbourhood, this listing is perfect for people wanting a taste of the American Dream whilst hanging out with the sociable shelled swimmer.

5. Goats – Ashford, Kent, UK

Full of energy and surrounded by the beautiful English countryside of Kent, these goats make this the perfect escape for animal lovers who need some space from the city or who are simply curious about life in the countryside. The goats share their home with chickens and an adorable French bulldog named, Claude.

6. Exotic Birds- Honolulu, HI, USA

Calling all cockatiel-lovers, these gorgeous birds are located in the idyllic settings of Honolulu, only one mile from the beach and the perfect place to unwind with some sea, sand and sun. This friendly flock love having guests around, especially Marco Polo who seems to steal the heart of all his visitors.

7. Snakes – Bottesford, Scunthorpe, England, UK

Home to two corn snakes, Severus and Lucius, this getaway is located in the pleasant English neighbourhood of Bottesford, Scunthorpe. Known as the ‘Industrial Garden Town’, Bottesford is surrounded by cosy pubs, perfect for a Sunday roast. The perfect place to pet sit some snakes.

8. Peacock – Ballydehob, Ireland

The handsome feathered peacock Duncky calls this mountainous part of Ireland home. Duncky shares his home with three miniature horses, four chihuahuas and an exotic parrot. Located between beautiful beaches and the stunning forests of West Cork, this is the perfect getaway for any animal lover who loves nature and all it has to offer.

9. Parrots – Kuranda, Queensland, AU

Lulu, the Rainbow Lorikeet, is amongst six other feathered friends in this cosy cabin in the rainforest of Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. Surrounded by exotic activities such as the Butterfly Sanctuary or the famous Bird World, boasting Australia’s best bird collection. This is the perfect stay for keen birdwatchers and sitters alike.

10. Chickens – Pamiers, France

In the idyllic surrounding of the French countryside, you could spend your holiday looking after an exciting array of farm animals. With everything from chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, cats and dogs, this is the ideal getaway for anyone who wants to experience the slow but satisfying experience of living on a farm. Trés magnifique.


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