Our 10 top tips for keeping pets safe at Halloween

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Full article with thanks to https://www.nawt.org.uk/advice/our-10-top-tips-keeping-pets-safe-halloween

Please make sure you’re as prepped as you can be ahead of Halloween. This holiday can be extremely scary for our pets (and us!). Here are our top tips:  

1. Walk your dog before it gets dark, so you’re not taking them out in the evening, where a lot of loud noises and bright lights might startle them. If you know your dog is nervous or reactive to noise, try taking them for a longer walk during the afternoon. This ensures they get the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation, without forcing them out into an evening that could be filled of extremely scary noises and costumes. 

2. Don’t leave your pet alone outside.Being outside might be what what pet is used to, but to be on the safe side we recommend moving both cats and dogs inside on the evening of the 31st. Not only will they feel safer inside, because the noise will be duller, they’re also safe from becoming the target for a trick or treat prank.  

3. When you’re opening the door to trick-or-treaters, keep your pet safely away in a different room.Your pet may find lots of strangers turning up in unusual costumes very daunting. We also suggest creating a ‘safe space’ for your dog or cat, where they can safely enjoy the evening. This should be done in the days running up to the 31st, so your pet is used to the area and knows it is a safe spot for them to enjoy. Click here for an example. 

4. Use Halloween as a good time to ensure your pets microchip details are up to date.Autumn can be a difficult time for pets, and it is vital that both cats and dogs are microchipped with up to date address and telephone details. 

5. Never force your pet to wear a costume. Some pets enjoy being dressed up, and others, like greyhounds and lurchers, actually benefit from clothing to keep warm. However please do not force your pet to put on a costume they’re uncomfortable or unhappy in. Your pets’ happiness isn’t worth the Instagram.  

6. Keep any Halloween decorations out of reach from pets.Your pet may be tempted to chew the new decoration. Lots of Halloween decorations can be toxic to pets, so keep them out of reach. 

7. If you and your family go trick or treating, leave your dog at home.Although it’s a family event, let the dog sit this one out. People dressed up and lots of strange noises can be very scary for your pet.  

8. Consider leaving the TV or radio on for your pet.With the strange noises associated with people being out later than usual in your area, consider leaving some noise on in the house to distract your pet. 

9. Keep any Halloween chocolates or sweets out of reach of pets.If you suspect your pet has ingested anything they shouldn’t have, seek veterinary advice immediately.  

10. If you are going to have pumpkins with candles near your home, replace the candle with a light that looks like a flame.One less thing to worry about if your pet accidently knocks the pumpkin over!

Full article with thanks to https://www.nawt.org.uk/advice/our-10-top-tips-keeping-pets-safe-halloween