8 Benefits of Travelling with Your Dog to The Forest

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8 Benefits of Travelling with Your Dog to The Forest

Are you always travelling with your dog? You can learn so much from exploring nature with your dog, and there’s tons of benefits and things to remember when you go to the forest with your pup!

Full article with thanks to: yourdogsclub.co.uk/blogs/thedogblog/8-ways-to-enjoy-your-dog-walk-in-the-forest

We are lucky to be surrounded by 3.23 million hectares of stunning forest in England. This made us ask, is there any better place to enjoy a walk with your dog? We don’t think so! Forestry England cares for 15,000 forests and has built 1,800 miles of walking, running, and cycling trails! So there is bound to be somewhere on your doorstep to enjoy unforgettable adventures with your dog! With so many adventures taking place in the nation’s forests every day, here are our tips for making sure that you and your dog have a happy, safe, and fun walk:

Lead By Example when Travelling with Your Dog

Forests are great spaces for taking in nature and bonding with your dog. From wide open spaces to tree-lined secluded areas, there is space for your dog to run off the lead but only do this if you are 100% confident with your dog’s recall ability. Going off-lead in the forest isn’t recommended if your dog is a little excitable and easily distracted. Instead, use a retractable dog lead to give your dog the ability to run, but leaves you in complete control.

Respect Other Dog’s Boundaries

Look out for other dog walkers who have their dogs on their leads; this is always for a reason. While your dog might be super friendly, the dog on the lead might be anxious, reactive, or timid and being lunged at by another dog could cause them great distress. When you see a dog on a lead, pop yours back on their lead until you have passed each other.

Respect the Forest’s Natural Inhabitants

While we want you to have a great time during your visit to the forest, as dog walkers, we need to remember that this is the home to many species of wildlife and livestock; so as with visiting anyone’s home, be courteous during your visit and respect the space of the forests natural inhabitants. When approaching livestock, please keep your dog on their lead and close to you. While there is great fun for your dog in chasing the smaller creatures that live in trees, let’s face it, their natural instinct is to hunt; this could cause significant distress to the wildlife so let’s limit that where we can.

No Horsing Around when Travelling with Your Dog

Forests aren’t just an excellent place for exercising dogs. With endless bridal paths for horses and their riders, you are bound to come across horse riders during your visit. As you would in a car, allow them a wide berth to pass and keep your dog close.

Forest Fitness Fun For Everyone

Forest landscapes also make for epic cycling and running adventures. We have thousands of fitness enthusiasts using our forests every week, including the National Park Runs, which take place all across the UK. As with everything else, as friendly as your dog might be, to avoid any risk of injury to you, your dog, or our sporting enthusiasts, pop your dog on their lead until they have passed by.

Keep Our Forests Clean and Safe

It’s a simple but important request – PLEASE PICK UP YOUR DOG’S POOP and dispose of it responsibly. The most offensive type of littering is that of dog poop, either not picked up or picked up but dumped in the bags. We ask you to bag your poop and dispose of the bag in one of the many bins, specifically for dog poop, which are strategically placed throughout our forests. By doing this, you are keeping our wonderful forests clean and safe for ALL our visitors. By leaving a bag of dog poop tied to a tree or on the ground, not only does it look awful, but you are putting other animals at risk of serious illness or even death. Bag it and bin it!

Full article with thanks to: yourdogsclub.co.uk/blogs/thedogblog/8-ways-to-enjoy-your-dog-walk-in-the-forest

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